Your Birth Matters

Your birth belongs to you, leave the rest up to me.


Birth doula services, childbirth education, postpartum care.


Serving Lehigh valley, Bucks county, Montgomery County, and the Greater Philadelphia area

Cardinal Birth Philosophy

The word cardinal represents a profound importance.

This is birth. Birth is paramount. Birth is a cardinal moment in a family's existence. In a woman's journey.

Equally as profound, Northern Cardinals are a familiar and even nostalgic presence in Pennsylvania. They stand out with their crimson plumage, against the grey or snowy backdrop of chilly northeast winters.

That brilliant red cardinal cares for it's nesting mate, feeding her and supporting her, as she tends her nest, grows her babies, and transitions into motherhood.

This is in essence what a doula lives for. Serving and caring for the mother as she transitions into motherhood.

My goal is to offer you unparallelled care, so your birth stands out in your heart, as memorable, personal, and forever engrained as a positive, supported, and informed experience.

Your birth matters.




My personal birth philosophy

I believe birth is a normal physiological event
I believe in continuous support through labor & birth
I believe in Doula support for every woman who desires, in every scenario: Home birth, Hospital birth, Cesarean birth, medicated or unmedicated, and unassisted birth
I believe in Evidence Based Maternity Care, Birth Advocacy, and the pregnant woman’s rights
I believe in a woman’s right to choose where and how she gives birth, but also her birth attendants.