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Your birth belongs to you, leave the rest up to me.


Birth doula services, childbirth education, postpartum care.


Serving Lehigh valley, Bucks county, Montgomery County, and the Greater Philadelphia area

~What We Offer~

Doula Services & Labor Support


Exclusive Package~ 

Unlimited prenatals
Unlimited hours of labor support
Childbirth ed or infosessions included
Placenta services included
Postpartum hours included
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Unlimited Package~ $1,600

2 In home prenatals, 1-2 hours each
Unlimited phone/text/ email support
On call for labor & birth from the signing of contract.
Attendance and hands on support for your labor and birth.
Unlimited hours of labor support
2 hours of immediate postpartum support
Unlimited phone/email consults to 3 months postpartum
Discounted placenta services
Lactation support (on call IBCLC & CLC services)

Basic Package~ $1,000

Unlimited phone/text/email support
On call for labor and birth from signing of contract.
12 hours of labor support (click here for more on the 12 hour shift)
2 hours of immediate postpartum support
Unlimited phone/email consults to 3 months postpartum

*Contact me for details on payment plans & fee schedules

Pay by the hour $300 retainer & $50 an hour, billed postpartum. 

Secure services without obligation. Perfect for fast labors, or those who are unsure about having the in person support, but would like to keep a doula on call for their due period. 


*These services are open only to select clients meeting specific criteria

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Monitrice Service are available for most doula clients.

Placenta encapsulation- $200

Placenta art (prints & cord keepsakes) -$85

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This includes pickup and dropoff

Prenatal/Antepartum Doula service

1 hour consult $55
*Consults are Q&A, non-specific meetings or phone conversations, to discuss your needs. You do not have to be a contracted client for this service.

Single 1 hour Prenatal $75
*Prenatals are specific to your needs, and will include a questionnaire for you to fill out beforehand, so we can meet your informational needs.

Single 2 hour Prenatal $150

Full service Prenatals 3 for $350 -A $100 savings! 3 full service 2 hour prenatal appointments, trimester and childbirth education, birth plan editing, and unlimited phone/email consults!

*fees will vary depending on service area

Childbirth Education & Partner Support Education

**info session prices start at $75 an hour

*Partner support info-session - Learn how to support your partner in labor, and what labor & childbirth looks like

*Basic childbirth info-session - Signs of labor, Stages of labor, immediate postpartum

*Comfort measures for Labor - Medical options for pain management, natural birth comfort techniques, comfort techniques for epidural labors, comfort techniques for cesarean birth, all other comfort techniques for labor

*Advocacy info-session - Advocating for yourself or partner in the hospital, policy, evidence based birth, legal rights in childbirth, how to plan, talk to staff and more.

* Sibling info-session - A gentle understanding of what labor & birth may look like, sound like, and how they can help. For home or hospital birth.

*Home-birth prep info-session - Choosing a midwife, preparing your home, contingency planning, sibling/partner/family support.




On call sibling support during labor $350+

The sibling doula supports, encourages, teaches and cares for younger siblings during labor. Your children can be a part of your birth, offering their own doula support with guidance from their sibling doula. Their doula can be a gentle distraction, doing projects or tasks for mom or baby, and their doula will be on call for mom's labor, and stay until the baby has been born and everyone is comfortable.

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